Are you ready for the Enduro adventure?

In the best and most challenging parts of Istria we settled paths for all those who are ready for a new adrenaline rush.

Experience adventure through the forests paths of Istria and test your limits!

  • Soft Enduro

    For all who want to try a bit of an adrenalin motorcycle ride, we have prepared a less demanding path.
  • Hard Enduro

    If you have already been on these trips, Hard Enduro can be your new adrenaline challenge.
  • Extreme Enduro

    For professionals and those who want to test their limits we present the Extreme Enduro path.

Why Enduro adventure Istria?

Our team consists of 5 members - three are guides with over 6 years experience in professional enduro ride, one manager and one mechanic. Tours can be organised throughout the year and can last several days (3,5 or 7 days). Enduro paths are settled in Central Istria so you have plenty of terrain variety to explore.

Why Istria?

Istria is recognized worldwide for its special nature. Combination of forests, rocks and obstacles that were made by nature are perfect for this kind of sport. Routes from 50 to 150 km in the breathtaking and unpredictable nature, leave no one indifferent. A superb challenge while enjoying an extraordinary view is the main reason for driving enduro through Istria.

Why Enduro?

Enduro motorcycle is an off road racing motorcycle used for long-distance competitions. These bikes are adjusted for different situations and competition. Enduro motorcycles that we have for you are KTM 450 EXC, KTM 300 EXC, KTM 250 EXC, HUSABERG 300 TE and BETA 350 RR.

  • Accommodation

    If you want to extend your adventure for more days, we'll find you an accommodation and make sure that you be well rested before and after the ride.
  • Hot meals

    In addition to the accommodation service, if you are staying more days, we secure warm meals for you to remember Istria also by its unique and superb cuisine.

Do you want to know which Istra ENDURO route can You endure?

Fill out this fun questionnaire and find out which route should you try next to test your limits.

We dare you!
  • 65EUR

    3 - 5 person
  • 50EUR

    5 -10 person
  • 45EUR

    10 + person
  • 35EUR

    Accommodation and hot meal
  • 130EUR

  • Prices

    Prices are per person

Want to book or you have additional questions?

For groups of more than 10 people we offer a discount and to all your questions we offer answers shortly!